Dear Customer, Partner!

Welcome to our website, I greatly appreciate that you are interested in our company group and the actualities concerning our Company.

The Budapesti Ingatlan Hasznosítási és Fejlesztési Nyrt. – well known as BIF – is present on the Budapest real estate market for 20 years, and we hope our name became synonymous with the attributes reliable, expert and quality our name.

Reliable: The Hungarian principal stockholder background and participation in the stock market well represents the devotion of the management of the company in the field of reliability. BIF, since its foundation, puts great emphasis on transparency and that its customers, partners and suppliers trust it as much as possible.

Expert: Our Company pays special attention to performing its activities on the highest possible level. Accordingly, we have the most important tasks performed by our own employees in the field of property development and property utilization – and within it, operation – alike. The experts employed by BIF guarantee competence in the field of building maintenance, the sale of our office areas, and in the field of finances, controlling and legal matters alike.

Quality: From the above three attributes maybe it is the most subjective, most mobile attribute. Quality means something else in the case of a Category B and in case of a Category A office building just like in case of every single residential development. For us, quality means the best value-price ratio in case of our buildings, and the absolute maximum in case of services we provide. We are proud that the result of our survey of the satisfaction of lessees was above 90% in the year 2013.

I hope that you find all necessary and important information on our website, or on the partner sites with direct access options (links) in connection with it. If you still need further information, or if you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely:


Gábor Sajgál           
chief executive officer