Parking garages

Aranykéz parking garage

The parking lot owned by Budapesti Ingatlan Nyrt. is in District V of the capital, in the corner lot bordering Aranykéz utca and Türr István utca. One of the most frequented shopping areas of Downtown, namely, Váci utca and Vörösmarty tér,  is in its direct vicinity. 497 cars can be placed on the total of five garage levels of the building that are used for parking, available for customers with season tickets and also for external/hourly rate paying guests. A newly installed card key and parking ticket check-in system ensures the entry and departure of cars parking in the parking lot. Besides its frequented location its practical and convenient layout, the possibility of convenient parking due to its wide corridors and ramps is an advantage of our parking lot.


Flórián Parking Garage

As part of Flórián Udvar, our 5 level parking garage was made available in the year 2007. In our building that can be accessed from Szentendrei út and from Árpád híd as well, and that is in Polgár utca, 195 parking places were established. The parking garage is open for the employees of our office building and for our external guests as well.